Trees and Temperature Drops

The cold has officially arrived and our trees are feeling it, too. What practices can we do to make sure our trees survive the winter?

1. Pruning.

Our trees fall dormant during this season, making it an ideal time for you to have them pruned. Pruning helps establish strong structure by removing dead or diseased branches, which could ultimately become dangerous due to the potential of falling too close to your property.

2. Fight the freeze. 

It may sound like quite the task, but here’s how to protect your trees from freezing in the winter: 

  • Mulching can help your tree retain moisture and therefore warmth.
  • Using burlap or tarps to cover susceptible roots and trunks can help trap in accumulated warmth in the ground.

3. Continue to water. 

We know it seems odd, but continue to water your trees during the winter months when there is no snow on the ground. This promotes health and growth and impacts how quickly they leave dormancy in the spring season.

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