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Tree Pruning

As a living organism, trees need regular maintenance to stay healthy and thrive. They can become overgrown, disheveled, and even hazardous without proper care and pruning. At Open Canopy Tree, we understand the importance of maintaining your trees' health and appearance. Our team of specialists is highly skilled in performing proper structural pruning to help trees grow in a healthy and stable way. We can also provide you with valuable knowledge on your tree's specific needs so you can properly care for it between visits from our team.

Our pruning services range from basic cleaning to selective pruning to keep branches away from undesirable areas. We also offer the removal of diseased limbs to prevent the spread of infection and ensure the overall health of your tree. At Open Canopy Tree, we prioritize your tree's health above all else and take pride in our ability to keep trees looking their best while also ensuring their safety. So whether your tree needs a simple trim or a more extensive pruning job, you can trust us to provide the highest level of care and expertise.

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