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Meet the arboreal experts

Meet the friendly faces that will help take care of all your tree needs.

Jeremy Nicol

Jeremy, the founder of Open Canopy Tree, has a deep passion for the outdoors and working with trees. His love for nature was instilled in him from a young age, growing up in Northern Ontario, where he spent much of his time clearing lots on the family island just outside Rossport. Through this work, he developed a strong appreciation for the importance of trees and their role in the environment.

After finishing school, Jeremy pursued a career in forestry and spent several years working in cut block maintenance and felling timber across Western Canada, from Kelowna to Golden, BC. Throughout this time, he gained valuable experience and knowledge in arboriculture.

Jeremy's dedication to the profession is reflected in his memberships with the International Society of Arboriculture and his extensive training through Arboriculture Canada. With his expertise, he founded Open Canopy Tree in 2015 with the goal of becoming Calgary's premier tree service.

Jeremy is proud to call Calgary home, where he lives with his wife and 10-year-old son. He and his team at Open Canopy Tree are dedicated to ensuring that the trees in Calgary and its surrounding areas thrive for generations to come.

Jeremy Blumes

Ground Control Manager
Jeremy took a position with Open Canopy Tree in April of 2020, as our lead groundsman. During the off-season, Jeremy can be found behind the bench coaching hockey. The strong work ethic and organizational skill needed to coach shines through on-site when he’s working with the trees!

Joseph Furmanek

Climbing Arborist/Safety Officer
Hailing from Eastern Europe, Joe has lived in Canada most of his life. Joe traveled North America with his band playing the Warp Tour through his early days. After leaving the concert scene, Joe settled into Carpentry, where he achieved a degree from SAIT. After mastering his trade, Joe thirsted for something more. Arboriculture was it! Combining the thrill of climbing trees with woodworking. Joe also brings a background in safety, which has him in the position of Safety Officer with Open Canopy Tree.

Connor Radke

Connor is into his second season working with Open Canopy. An aspiring Arborist who’s eventual goal is to become a Firefighter, Connor has excelled quickly in his climbing abilities. With a certificate from Arboriculture Canada for graduating the Production Tree Removal and Rigging course, Connor brings a wealth of knowledge to the team!

Noah Bouchard

Noah is the most recent addition to the team. He joined us in the summer of 2023 and has been proving himself to be a huge asset to the team. With a thirst for knowledge and a keen eye for detail, Noah hopes to achieve his ISA credentials and level up in the Arborist world.

Tony Terentev

Groundsman/Arborist Apprentice
Tony joined the team in September of 2023. Born and raised in St. Petersberg, Russia, he immigrated  to Canada with his wife and two children a year prior.
Tony has a background in many things, and excels in everything he does. He has used his experience from spalunking down caves in eastern Europe, to climbing trees in Western Canada!

Paul Webb

Our most recent addition, Paul joined Open Canopy in November of 2023. It's been said that Eastern Canada produces some of the hardest workers, and Paul has proven this point to a tee! Heading up the ground operations for now, you may see Paul climbing and dismantling trees by summer!