The Tree Pruning Timeline

When’s the best time to prune or trim your trees? Why, right now, in early spring!

Why Early Spring?
Trees are still in their winter dormancy right before they bloom, making it the best time to clean them up.  They are not actively growing, which means as soon as they come out of dormancy, wounds heal faster and the tree can put more energy into developing thicker leaves and blooms. Harmful pests are also less active in the dormant season, making wounds less susceptible to infestations. Visibility is also increased without the leaves on the trees, making it more effective for our team to work our magic.
Note: The only exception to this timing is for Maple and Birch trees, which bleed sap throughout the spring. For these trees, pruning is best done after the sap flushes out.
How often should I prune? 
Pruning trees every 3-5 years is the best practise to ensure they continue to grow healthy and strong. Get an estimate on your pruning job below: 

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