The origin of the Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree is a staple of every holiday season, but where did it all start?

Essentially, plants that remained green through the winter were somewhat of a spectacle to those in the early ages. Ancient peoples began hanging evergreen boughs on doors and windows to keep evil spirits away, which eventually evolved into using pine, spruce and fir trees as decorations!

The German tradition of a simple candlelit Christmas trees made its way over to the Americas in the 1800’s, where it was normalized and evolved into the addition of hanging bulbs and decorations.

Yet, the symbology of using greenery originated differently across the world.

The ancient egyptians worshipped and celebrated a god, Ra, by filling their homes with green palm rushes. The priests in Northern Europe covered temples with evergreen to symbolize everlasting life. Even vikings viewed evergreens as the special plant of their sun god, Balder!

All origin stories led to the Christmas tree as we know it today: a symbol of togetherness, nostalgia and the Christmas season.