The curse of the Black Knot

The Black Knot Fungus is striking Calgary with a vengeance. 

What is Black Knot? It’s a fungus affecting thousands of trees in Calgary and surrounding areas, infecting trees in the prunus family (Schubert Cherry, Chokecherry,  Mayday, Plum, and Cherry trees) and shrouding them in what appears to be lumps of black coal. Over time, this fungus permanently stunts and kills trees.

According to CBC News, Black knot is infecting every quadrant of the city of Calgary, but the newer neighbourhoods in the southwest are the worst. It has been worsening throughout the last few seasons due to an increase in moisture. 

To get rid of the spreading disease, we use pruning tools to remove the infection at least 8” back from the infection, to a strong lateral branch. We are careful to not spread any spores while pruning trees with black knot. If the infection is in the main trunk and can not be cut out, we use a sophisticated knife/chisel technique to remove the disease. 

Do you see signs of this infection on any of your trees? Taking care of it as early as possible is key to saving and maintaining your tree’s health. Get a free estimate today by filling out the quick form below!

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