Protecting wildlife in the trees

Doing our part to protect Canada’s furry and feathery creatures is of key importance to us. While on the job, there are many measures we take to ensure all wildlife is protected:

  • Taking nesting seasons into account. If protected species are actively nesting during a certain season, then jobs may need to be postponed– especially if the tree is set to be removed. Spring, for instance, is a time where most baby animals are hatching, so we remain conscious of that throughout the season. It helps to have those jobs done in the fall or winter months, while both trees and animals are dormant.

  • Preparing beforehand. Assessing the trees and environment for any signs of animals before we get started is key to avoiding any accidental impact on local wildlife.
  • Being observant of nests, burrows and homes. Our team pays close attention at all times  in case we encounter animal homes before and during each job.

  • Handling wildlife encounters correctly.  If our team does encounter wildlife while on the job, we contact Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation, who takes in any baby animal or family at any time and provides the best care, from re-homing to rehabilitation.

    The safety and harmony of our local animals is so important to us. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn for updates on any of the wildlife we encounter while in the trees!