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December 5, 2020

Getting to the root of winter problems.

We don’t want to burst your bubble, but here’s a few problems that can arise for your trees during the icy season:

  • Winter Burn. You know the discolouration you see on evergreens during cold snaps? That is winter burn: the brown/bleached appearance of evergreen trees caused by loss of moisture and tissue damage.

  • Salt damage. Salt from the roads, sidewalks and surfaces may prevent us from wiping out, but is harmful to our greenery. Salt deposits can soak into the ground and impact roots of trees and shrubs, stunting growth and more.

  • Frost Heaving. This is another term for when the ground freezes and thaws on repeat, resulting in shallow roots to be pushed upwards and exposed to the cold and wind.
  • Dead (and loose) branches. When weighed down with heavy snow and ice, branches are more likely to break and fall, endangering properties and their inhabitants.

  • Critters. Living in Alberta, we have no shortage of deer, rabbits and rodents that love to snack, burrow and damage tree bark. 

Leave it to the experts. Don’t fret: this is what we’re here for. Our team of expert arborists are here to make sure your trees are in tip top condition throughout the winter.

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