Coniferous trees of Calgary

We see them every day, but what are they actually called? Here are the most popular Coniferous trees in the Calgary area:

Siberian Larch

The Siberian Larch is a deciduous conifer that does the best in full sun environments. They are the fullest in the summer and often drop needles in the fall and winter to help the sunlight to filter in.

F. D. Richards

Colorado Spruce

The Colorado Spruce is a Coniferous tree that has distinctive blue-green needles and can thrive in almost any conditions. It looks the same through all seasons and can grow to be quite large.

La Beral

Norway Spruce

The Norway Spruce is a resilient Coniferous tree that is known for surviving even the roughest conditions. That being said, it grows very quickly in dryer soil. This tree has largely spreading root systems that can often cause problems within cities.

La Beral

White Spruce

The White Spruce is a coniferous tree that is especially known for doing very well throughout harsh winters. Although it is slow growing, this tree can become very large at full maturity.


Fun fact: all of the trees above grow needles year round. Do you notice any of them in your neighbourhood?