The benefits of winter tree work

Canadian winters can be as hard on our trees as they are on us.  

The cold wreaks all sorts of havoc: ice damage and build-up can lead to branches snapping off due to heavy weights, landing on structures and causing property damage. Additionally, having tree care done during  the winter (dormant season) provides important benefits: 

  • There is less impact and damage on lawns and gardens while the ground is frozen. Do you need a tree taken down? Winter is a great time to get it done.
  • Winter is the best time to have pruning done as trees are dormant, and we can better see the structure. It is best to get tree work done while cozied up during the winter months so summertime can be spent enjoying the healthy foliage!

Fantastic Winter Pruning! 10/10.

Jeremy and his assistant showed up on the appointed day. My wife, who is a very picky gardener, went out and pointed out what she thought needed to be done to the various trees and bushes in our yard, then left for her appointments for the day. But before she left, she expressed her confidence in Jeremy, said ” he knows what he is doing”. They worked for several hours, pruning several bushes, and with the biggest job, our elm tree, climbing up into it, clearing the interior and raising the canopy. All in all, it was a superb job of pruning and great cleanup afterwards! My wife was very pleased with all the pruning, and particularly commented on the manner of pruning of our lilacs and cherry tree. Thank you, Jeremy! You are now our go-to tree person, extraordinaire!”  – AHN

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