Allergy Alert!

The white fluff and pollen floating through our streets and parks may add to the beauty and glow of summer, but sure isn’t a friend to those with allergies. Working in the treetops, we understand just how bad they can get.

Many of us are familiar with the symptoms pollen allergies create: the dreaded sinus pressure, cough, runny nose and watery eyes. So, with The Weather Network rating pollen high, air quality low and mold high in Calgary right now, how do we combat allergies?

Here are some ways to battle summer allergies at home: 

  • Trying natural herbs such as spirulina (in teas, etc.)
  • Investing in a air filter or humidifier (with a HEPA filter)
  • Making sure to vacuum frequently with a vacuum that has a HEPA filter
  • Flushing pollen from the nose with a squeeze bottle or neti pot
  • Removing/immediately washing clothes worn outside
  • Upping the air conditioning within your house and/or car

We hope these tips help you battle through allergy season! 

See you in the trees.

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