5 Ways to Increase Soil Quality for Older Trees

How can you improve the quality of the soil around established trees? Here are all of the easy wins: 
  1. Mulch the area around the roots. Mulching promotes healthy bacteria within the root structure and also combats the growth of harmful weeds.
  2. Use natural compost. Adding compost from the kitchen or pelletized manure adds essential nutrients to the soil.
  3. Develop an irrigation system. The amount of water and moisture the roots receive is essential to a tree’s development. This simple drip irrigation system can make all the difference.
  4. Till the soil. When the soil is too compact, it can impact water intake and therefore growth. Loosening it up by raking or tilling allows water, oxygen and healthy bacteria to help the tree thrive. 
  5. Minimize foot traffic. The more the soil is walked on, the more compacted it gets. Ensure the soil around the tree is protected from foot traffic.
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