Tips for staying proactive with your tree care

Bad storms and accidents can happen, and being proactive is key to making sure your property remains safe and beautiful. Weak or rotting limbs can pose a harm to surrounding buildings, gardens and even vehicles. Here are some ways to stay proactive about the health and safety of your trees:

Yearly arborist visits: 

Our team can help identify any threats and also add to the continued health of your trees.

Multi-year pruning: 

Trimming any weak, dead or rotting branches and getting rid of any extra long limbs can make a world of difference.

Tree fertilization:

Continuous fertilization and chemical treatment plans can help keep your trees strong and healthy, and therefore minimize risks.

Being proactive instead of reactive not only save money in the long-term, but can also prevent extensive damage. Get a free quote from our team today by filling out the form below:

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