Our Team

  • Jeremy Blumes

    Ground Control Manager

    Jeremy took a position with Open Canopy in April of 2020, as our lead groundsman. During the off season, Jeremy can be found behind the bench coaching hockey. The strong work ethic and organizational skill needed to coach, shines through on site when he’s working with the trees!

  • Nick Gratton

    Climbing Arborist

    Nick joined the team in May of 2021 after completing the Arboriculture Technician Certificate at Olds College. With a background in Landscaping, Nick brings learned expertise in his field as well as excellent customer service. Since coming aboard, Nick has excelled as a Climbing Arborist and is well on his way to leading his own […]

  • Joseph Furmanek

    Climbing Arborist/Safety Officer

    Hailing from Eastern Europe, Joe has been living in Canada most of his life. Through his early days, Joe travelled North America with his band playing the Warp Tour. After leaving the concert scene Joe settled into Carpentry where he achieved a degree from Sait. After mastering his trade, Joe thirsted for something more. Arboriculture […]

  • Chris Waller

    ISA Certified Arborist

    Chris is into his 8th year as an Arborist. Alberta born and raised, Chris grew up in Northern Alberta before moving down to Calgary and taking his first position with a local tree service. After a few years of training and study, Chris took his ISA exam and achieved certification! The International Society of Arboriculture […]

  • Jeremy Nicol


    Jeremy started Open Canopy back in 2015, with the intention of becoming Calgarys premiere Tree Service. Growing up in Northern Ontario, Jeremy honed his outdoor skills from a young age, clearing Read more >>