Our Services

  • Stump Grinding

    Stump Grinding

    When it comes to repurposing the space your tree once occupied, having a tree removed is only half of the job! Once the tree is cut down you are left with an eye-sore of a stump in its place, and in some cases a very extensive shallow root system. We have the perfect equipment to […]

  • Tree Removal

    Tree Removal

    Has your tree outgrown the space it was planted in? Do you have a landscaping plan in mind that doesn’t fit with your existing tree? Maybe it is time for a change.   Whatever the reason for removing your tree may be, you can trust in the pros at Open Canopy to come in and […]

  • Tree Pruning

    Tree Pruning

    Trees are constantly growing, and without proper care and pruning can become an unruly mess. The experts at Open Canopy are trained in proper structural pruning, and have the knowledge to educate you as a homeowner as to what your trees may need.   Whether it’s a general clean up, pruning up and away from […]

  • Tree Limb Removal

    Tree Limb Removal

    Mature trees are often left to grow dangerously close to properties. Large, extended limbs may be growing over the roofline of you or your neighbors home, and can easily cause extensive damage come a storm or a strong gust of wind. We recommend taking action, before mother nature does the job for you! Have our […]

  • Tree Shaping

    Tree Shaping

    Shaping trees is an art. Not only does it take a trained eye, but also a professional who knows where to safely make pruning cuts that achieve the desired shape. Let our arborists come in and shape up your trees to perfection!  

  • Cabling & Bracing

    Cabling & Bracing

    Sometimes trees need help to continue growing in a healthy and stable progression. Unfortunately, trees can develop structural deficiencies early in their lives. If not corrected by a proper structural pruning plan as they grow, these deficiencies can result in dangerous bark inclusions which can eventually result in failure. When we arrive, we will assess […]

  • Storm Damage/Emergency

    Storm Damage/Emergency

    Living this close to the mountains means unpredictable weather changes and extremely high winds. Your trees are strong, but when surprised with a micro burst of wind, can fail. Our arborists at Open Canopy are trained in hazardous and dangerous tree removal and storm response. The safety of your family is our main priority. Put […]

  • Pest and Disease Control

    Pest and Disease Control

    Extreme temperature fluctuations in the winter months can stress out our trees. When a tree is overextended or overwhelmed, it’s natural defence barrier fails, leaving it much more susceptible to bacterial and fungal infection or pest infestation. Why let our experts come in and assess your trees? We have the knowledge to diagnose and will […]

  • New Tree Installations

    New Tree Installations

    Looking to fill that vacant spot in your yard with a beautiful new tree? Great idea! We can come by to discuss your options with you. There are a few important factors to take into consideration before making your choice, and we are here to help! Our team can answer any questions you have and […]

  • Deep Root Fertilization

    Deep Root Fertilization

     What is Deep Root Fertilization?  While surface fertilization might be beneficial for grass and smaller landscape plants, trees that have deep-reaching roots cannot be effectively fertilized from the surface. This makes fertilizing them harder because you are unable to reach the entire root system of the tree, where it needs nutrients the most.  Deep root […]