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  • The hedge eating insect: Oystershell Scale

    Notice your cotoneaster hedge looking sparse, bare, dry or brown? Your hedge may be suffering from an Oystershell Scale infestation, and it’s deadly. Thriving in the spring season, this pest eats hedges whole and spreads at an alarming rate. In some cases, hedges can be treated with a dormant oil to control the spread. Yet, […]

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  • The curse of the Black Knot

    The Black Knot Fungus is striking Calgary with a vengeance.  What is Black Knot? It’s a fungus affecting thousands of trees in Calgary and surrounding areas, infecting trees in the prunus family (Schubert Cherry, Chokecherry,  Mayday, Plum, and Cherry trees) and shrouding them in what appears to be lumps of black coal. Over time, this […]

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  • The benefits of winter tree work

    Canadian winters can be as hard on our trees as they are on us.   The cold wreaks all sorts of havoc: ice damage and build-up can lead to branches snapping off due to heavy weights, landing on structures and causing property damage. Additionally, having tree care done during  the winter (dormant season) provides important benefits:  […]

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