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  • Coniferous trees of Calgary

    We see them every day, but what are they actually called? Here are the most popular Coniferous trees in the Calgary area: Siberian Larch The Siberian Larch is a deciduous conifer that does the best in full sun environments. They are the fullest in the summer and often drop needles in the fall and winter […]

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  • The origin of the Christmas Tree

    The Christmas tree is a staple of every holiday season, but where did it all start? Essentially, plants that remained green through the winter were somewhat of a spectacle to those in the early ages. Ancient peoples began hanging evergreen boughs on doors and windows to keep evil spirits away, which eventually evolved into using […]

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  • The benefits of winter tree care

    Here’s why we recommend using the season to your advantage: The frozen ground minimizes damage to yards and properties Bare trees (no leaves) allow us to easily see the entire structure, resulting in being able to identify dangerous, dead or diseased limbs more quickly and efficiently Trees are dormant and therefore not as affected from […]

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  • Getting to the root of winter problems.

    We don’t want to burst your bubble, but here’s a few problems that can arise for your trees during the icy season: Winter Burn. You know the discolouration you see on evergreens during cold snaps? That is winter burn: the brown/bleached appearance of evergreen trees caused by loss of moisture and tissue damage. Salt damage. […]

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  • Trees and Temperature Drops

    The cold has officially arrived and our trees are feeling it, too. What practices can we do to make sure our trees survive the winter? 1. Pruning. Our trees fall dormant during this season, making it an ideal time for you to have them pruned. Pruning helps establish strong structure by removing dead or diseased […]

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  • Preparing your trees for the cold

    As the frost edges closer and closer, now is the time to check up on our trees before they go to rest for the winter. Are they prepared for the cold, and more importantly: what timelines for treecare are the most important during the fall season? Fall Pruning: Pruning trees makes them more resilient to […]

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  • Allergy Alert!

    The white fluff and pollen floating through our streets and parks may add to the beauty and glow of summer, but sure isn’t a friend to those with allergies. Working in the treetops, we understand just how bad they can get. Many of us are familiar with the symptoms pollen allergies create: the dreaded sinus […]

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  • Win free tree care!

    Calling all of #YYC! Now’s your chance to win $500 worth of free tree work. Summer is on it’s way and as the temperature climbs, so do we! Win $500 worth of either pruning, removal or stump grinding. What would you choose? How to enter:   1). Follow us on both Facebook and Instagram at @opencanopytree. […]

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  • Hedge eating insect: Oystershell Scale

    Notice your cotoneaster hedge looking sparse, bare, dry or brown? Your hedge may be suffering from an Oystershell Scale infestation, and it’s deadly. Thriving in the spring season, this pest eats hedges whole and spreads at an alarming rate. In some cases, hedges can be treated with a dormant oil to control the spread. Yet, […]

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  • The curse of the Black Knot

    The Black Knot Fungus is striking Calgary with a vengeance.  What is Black Knot? It’s a fungus affecting thousands of trees in Calgary and surrounding areas, infecting trees in the prunus family (Schubert Cherry, Chokecherry,  Mayday, Plum, and Cherry trees) and shrouding them in what appears to be lumps of black coal. Over time, this […]

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